Sprint demos are a measure of team health

The output of the sprint demo is the customer value delivered, but the goal of the session is very different.

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Sprint demos prove we’re regularly shipping value

There are other more formal ways to keep track, but if a team is demoing we’re delivering value every time. The ‘no demo this week’ cancellation is usually a sign the direction isn’t quite right, or tasks are too large to be part of a healthy sprint cadence.

Sprint demos are a team celebration

You’ll probably have stakeholders at your demo but I don’t believe they are the focus. The demo is about the team celebrating success. It’s nice to share with the stakeholders, but it’s more important that the team looks together at the what / why / how.

Sprint demos enable all team members to share

The sprint demo is an opportunity for everybody to share. They are regular and informal so it’s a great way to build confidence talking about and showing work.

Sprint demos are light touch stakeholder interactions

With a focus on the team it doesn’t matter too much to me if we get stakeholders regularly attending demos or not.

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